Our Motto

“Saa vidyaa yaa vimuktye”

The college has adopted the above statement as the mission statement. “Knowledge leads to liberation of an individual”. According to our ancestors, there are different kinds of education – Vedas, laws, metaphysics, public administration and applied arts such as agriculture, commerce, medicine etc. Knowledge derived from these branches of study brings us respect and status in the society, Liberation (Salvation) through Education is the goal of our institution. We need liberation from poverty, hunger, Slavery, inferiority complex, superstition etc. The institution aims to liberate the stake holders from the above curses.

Curicular Aspects

The curricular design and development are made by the affiliating Kuvempu university. Our institution, which provides both Arts and Commerce education is providing quality education and has achieved a name in the university. The Mission statement of our college clearly spells out our objectives. Over the last 25 years we have consciously correlated all the activities of the college in that direction. Thus we endow our students materially, intellectually and morally to compete with the students of advanced colleges. The institution offers computer course for B.A. students and English speaking course for all. Which add value to the syllabus studied by the stake holder.